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Investment  Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Financial Investment Group Co., Ltd   

    Established in April, 2011, Suzhou Guoxin Financial Group, one of three specific subsidiaries under Guoxin Group, is mainly engaged in the following business: Stock equity investment of financial institute and parafinancial institute,venture investment and risk investment of the high-tech enterprises, growth enterprise and enterprise to be listed in the market in Taicang, loan guarantee, credit guarantee, debt guarantee, guarantee for contract execution,enterprise supply management, outsourcing service of supply chain, finance outsourcing service and finance follow-up service, derivative financial product and financial product investment; service for enterprise's asset reorganization, acquisition and merging, relevant consulting service for capital operation, investment and financing management, consultation for assets evaluation, financing service for enterprise,investment management service, leasing business and leasing service, agent as insurance product sale and dealing with relevant insurance business, self-operating and agent for import and export of various goods and technology.

    Currently, financial investment group is mature in business pattern, rich in operating experience and strong in development foundation.The service mode of supply chain financial service takes service to the production enterprises as its starting point and destination.Thus, it has made remarkable achievements, with honorable titles such as "Suzhou Municipality Innovative Enterprises in Service industry and " Suzhou Municipality leading enterprise in Outsourcing Service." As a result, it has showed orderly operation of guarantee business, increasingly enhancement of risk control capability and rapid growth of guarantee market share. Besides, it has made good progress in import and export credit insurance, domestic trade insurance, vehicle insurance and assets insurance. The preparation work for small sum of loan and pawn guarantee, etc is in the process as schedule. Moreover, it has also obtained good investment benefits.

    During "the Twelfth Five-Plan Plan" period, keeping the principle of "active,stable, prudent and flexible work ", Financial Group takes an active part in and offering service to "the Twelfth Five-Plan Plan" of Guoxin Group, so as to further improve financing capability by international trade advantages,ensure competitive industry development of Guoxin Group. Great efforts will be made to strengthen platform construction of unified insurance and loan,develop all of kinds of small loan and pawn business, promote construction of stock equity center. Meanwhile, taking full advantage of promoting headquarter economy of Guoxin, it will introduce venture investment institutions and parafinancial institution at home and abroad to actively build Taicang venture investment base.

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