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    The company is a professional financing guarantee company offering loan guarantee to the local registered enterprises and individuals who have fixed locations. The company’s business scope includes:
Financial guarantee business including loan guarantee, acceptance bill guarantee, trade financing guarantee, financing guarantee for project, credit guarantee, etc.
Financing consultation relevant to guarantee business
Financial affair consulting and investment for private fund business The operational flow chart for the guarantee businesses has 10 steps:
1. Enterprise application
2. Business acceptance
3. Preliminary business assessment
4. Business appraisal
5. Mortgage registration
6. Signing contract
7. Guarantee fee
8. Management after guarantee
9. Compensatory and recovery
10. Guarantee termination

    Keeping the principal of ‘safety, legality and profit’, the company strictly follows the requirements that are suitable to the modern enterprise administration system and establishes a complete intercontrol system forming a complete risk assessment and prevention system, which can avoid risk in advance, keep control within the risk period and supervise after risk. To keep running the business in the policy of adhering to the sincerity as essential, steady operation and marketing style, the company is making great effort to raise service consciousness and pursue service efficiency whole-heartedly providing financing guarantee services to all kinds of small and medium sized enterprises. By doing all of these things can we make our company become a high quality and high standard modern service enterprise serving to the Suzhou economic development.




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