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    Being the first enterprise in Jiangsu province specialized in management of enterprise supply chain and outsourcing service enterprise of supply chain, Taicang Supply Chain Financial Service Co., Ltd.has focused on great development of the supply chain outsourcing service and the supply chain financial service for emerging enterprises. Apart from these, it has built a public service platform for growth enterprise, implementing the " integration for supply chain financial service engineering. It has set up harmonious and win-win outcome relationship with supply chain member units for common development by means of operational integration, financial integration, logistic integration and information integration. Over the past three years, it has played an important role in helping development of regional economy. So it has awarded such titles as" Suzhou Municipality Innovative Enterprise" and 2010 Suzhou Municipality Leading Enterprise for Outsourcing Service" as well as " 2010 Advanced Unit in Outsourcing Service " and "Taicang City Top 10 Example Enterprise in Service Industry " issued by Taicang city people's government.

    The company will be dedicated to innovation of business opening and service mode under the supply chain pattern, striving to build all-round one-stop window service system of supply chain, accelerate promotion of platform construction of specialized supply chain and offering in-depth and professional service to the enterprise.  

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