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     The company is a comprehensive hedge fund service organization, specializing in the development and popularization for the hedge fund in Tianjin. Its main businesses include:
Providing professional out-bound service for domestic prominent hedge fund
Providing high quality hedge fund financial product for large financial organization, like banks
Providing comprehensive financial for China high net worth customers

     Having the earliest batch of professional team group that provides financing and service for the private donating fund, the company accumulates enormous experiences on large amount of broker businesses for the Yang Guang private-donation service, and firstly puts forward the Prime Broker service mode, providing a complete service system for the domestic hedge fund.

    Following the principle of ‘seeking reality, high efficiency, convenience, simplicity’ and professional rule on commercial benefits and commercial morals, the company persists in the policy of ‘preventing the risk, regular operation, steady development’ and creates a legal person ruling structure that has been improved increasingly on the basis of modern enterprise system, and forms every kind of operational flow chart and risk managing system including inter-control system and all sorts of business, all of these functions make the company become an investment consulting company, possessing the most potential ability, outstanding profession, regular operation and professional administration. The company is willing to cooperate with customers to strive forward and achieve win-win progress.

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