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    The company is a professional enterprise providing microfinance for the small and medium sized enterprises, economic development in agriculture,rural areas and farmer, individual industrial and commercial customers, planting and breeding customers and individuals dealing with consuming products. The company, sponsored by Suzhou Guoxin Group and approved by Finance Working Office of Jiangsu Province People’s Government as a microfinance company, has registered capital of 300 million RMB.

    Main Loan Services: Small and medium sized enterprises
1. Circulating capital loan: ⓐ General mortgage loan ⓑ Maximum mortgage loan ⓒ Joint loan-guarantee loan ⓓ Chattel mortgage loan ⓔ Warehouse receipt loan ⓕ Bank's acceptances bill loan ⓖ Third party guarantee loan ⓗ Temporary fund turn loan ⓘ A small amount credit loan
2. Fixed assets loan: ⓐ Fixed asset purchase loan ⓑ Commercial property mortgage loan
3. Trade financing loan: ⓐ Order financing loan ⓑ Trade links chattel mortgage loan ⓒ Accounts receivable mortgage loan

Individual customer:
 1. Individual large amount consumption loan
2. Individual trading loan
3. Individual credit loan
Tri-agricultural customer
1. Planting and breeding loan
2. Village construction loan
3. Enterprises relevant to agriculture loan 

     The company has set up four departments: business department, risk control department, comprehensive administration department and financial affairs department with a professional knowledge team in finance and law. Thus, it is able to effectively prevent business risks and keep the business operating healthy and smoothly.

     In pursue of " a good reliable partner and backing of starting-up business", the company always takes as its main working policy business related to agriculture, rural work and farmers, support to start-up business and customers, At the same time, following the spirit of "cautious operation, steady development, sustainable innovation, mutual help and benefit," it persists in taking marketing as leading direction,innovation as dynamic force to improve service quality.So it has designed a flexible financial solution that can simplify loan procedure, make guarantee more convenient and loan assessment more quick, so that it can provide comprehensive financial service for the customers. By use of " small, quick and flexible measures", it is able to solve the financial problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as in the work of agriculture, rural area and farmers.

    Guoxin Rural Microfinancial Company is your trustworthy partner. It is always ready to provide best service for the customers.


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