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Construction  Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Construction Group Co., Ltd  

     Established in April 2011, the company is one of three specialized sub-groups under Guoxin Group. It administers seven sub-companies. Main business scope: real estate development and sales, various park projects investment, house rental, property management, interior decoration design and construction engineering, green engineering design, glass wall decoration engineering design, project investment, real estate intermediary services, investment consulting and management.

     Though construction group starts late, its starting point is relatively high. Today, it has initially established a set of development and construction, engineering bidding, real estate sales, decoration, weak electricity intelligence, property management, involved in industrial real estate, logistics, real estate, commercial real estate and residential real estate and other forms of property, through a low-level, multi-layer and different types of high-rise buildings, forming a operating model linking lease business and sale operation simultaneously. It has succeded in developing projects one after another, such as foreign trade innovation park, Shanghai International Plaza, Yi Jingnan Park, Waterfront Park, Guoxin Mansion at Wenzhi road, logistics parks at Dalian road, and other projects. It has played a positive role in urban planning and construction and set up a new iamge in the locality.
     The group will continue to improve the capability of organization and operations, reinforce the development of Taicang property business, actively seeking for expansion outside Taicang, and reasonable coordination of shortterm and long-term goals. It will instensify market operation institution, enhance innovation and development driving force for construction of quality construction and property brand, to achieve leap-frog development and try to become an excellent real estate enterprise groups with sustainable development.

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