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     Approved by the Customs, the company is a modern logistics enterprise specialized in providing customs direct access monitoring point. Its business covers freight forwarding service, customs clearance, commodity inspection, bonded and supervision delivery, international trade,agency and other functions. At present, located at the national highway entrance, the company has existed facilities such as advanced monitoring warehouse, bonded warehouse and general warehouse. It also provides import and export enterprise with allocation, transportation and distribution of the customs monitoring goods, bonded goods and general cargo, as well as other services.

    The department of the company's international courier agent has set up long-term business relationship with DHL, UPS,OCS,TNT and other international courier, offering a complete set of international mail and express delivery service.

    " Reputation first, service first and customer first " is our aim. The company will make great efforts to provide good quality service to its clients and warmly welcome customers to cooperate with us for a better future .

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