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     The company is dedicated to real estate services, integrated marketing and promotion of professional real estate marketing planning agency. Main business scope includes real estate advertising agency, planning guidance, marketing and planning, underwriting, brand group system and so on.

    Combining the development experiencee with agency business of Suzhou Guoxin Group, our company has paid attention to overall plan and marketing from development vision and service development from in-depth marketing. The backbone of our company acts as development and marketing of Guoxin property.fully integrating themselves into the links of real estate development, increasing capability of development, operation and marketing so as to realize the seamless join between developer and agent. Main business: At the early stage of land purchase, it will provide accurate evaluation of development costs for developers for reference, At project planning stage, it will pay close attention to planning design and marketing experience according to the product needs, and at the construction period, it will help the developer with applying for construction pre-approval and approval procedures. During the sales and after sale period, it will help handle pre-sale certificate, marketing, trading, housing delivery and property right certificate, etc.

    Successful agent projects: Longsheng Building, Golden Jiangnan, New City Garden,Jingxiu Graden, Funan Garden, East Villas, Ruijing • Island (Xinghua), Malibu estate (Shuyang), Yanghe (Suqian) • Champion Home, Water Shore Garden, Yijing Nanyuan, Shanghai International Plaza, Exquisite Bay (Ludu), Grand Hyatt Waldorf (Huangjing )and so on.

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