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    The company is a specialized rural development company,focusing on agricultural technology development, agricultural investment, agricultural development,. Rural Sci-Tech Park, invested by Taicang City Guoxin Rural Sci-Tech Park under the company, lies at Zhonghe village, Shaxi Twon of Taicang city. It has a total planned area of 900 mu, which to be built in phases. The park will be divided into several functional zones covering pollutionfree vegetables, high-quality fruit trees, aquaculture, green seedlings, flower cultivation, recreational fishing, fungi, and it is also a modern rural sci-tech park linking production, tourism, demonstrations, science and technology together.

    Adhering to the principle of "scientific harmony and sustainable development", the company is working hard to integrate research and development production with creating modern agricultural scitech park featuring with "high yield, good quality, high efficiency and natural ecology" linking trade, agriculture with scientific research. Currently, the company is making great efforts to build the park into "high efficient agriculture show center", agricultural sci-tech promotion center", new-type agricultural cultivation center" and "agricultural produce processing center". It is ready to join hands with people of all sides to make our due contributions to new countryside construction and agricultural development.


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