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    The Company is a professional engineering company specialized in weak electricity intelligence., It is mainly engaged in all kinds of engineering design of weak current intelligence, construction, installation and service, etc. Its business scope covers the weak system integration, security systems, one card solution (access control, attendance, consumption, electronic patrol, parking lot), integrated wiring system (network, telephone), public broadcasting system (background music, emergency radio), multimedia information inquiry system display (LED screen, mosaic screen, touch screen), computer room construction, automatic control system engineering of building equipment and household audio video systems engineering.
    Since its inception, the company has undertaken a number of important projects, including government departments, financial systems, business hotels, troops, schools, residential quarters and other sectors, Thus it has won a good reputation among the customers. With great efforts of the staff, it has expended market share and strengthened inner managemnt, delivering to its customers a large number of quality projects together with timely and proper technical maintenance. So the companies technical maintenance is welcomed among the user.

     Taking "reliability, partnership, pioneering and win-win progress" as its business ideas, It will offer best quality and service to the customers with excellent design and construction, quality and service.

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