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      The company is a professional decoration company. mainly specialized in indoor and outdoor design and decoration construction of residential quarters, shops, commercial space, office buildings, factories, offices hotels and villas, second-hand houses. As one of professional decoration company with qualification certificate of construction decoration engineering contractor with grade B. It is mainly engaged in design and construction of decoration works such as commercial buildings, factories, hospitals, office buildings, top grade restaurants, villas and various types of household decoration.

      Keeping in mind the spirit of "carrying out scientific decoration and building a quality project," and taking the ideas of "meticulous design, environmental protective materials use and overall construction" as fashion for dcoration, It will put the principle of profession and service into the whole course from house measurement, design, building materials, selection, technique and after sales. Through brand value, original design and innovative technology, environmental protection, energy intelligence platform to create an irreplaceable value-added product, truly making consumer enjoy comfort life through our work.
     The company will, as always, build healthy, elegant and green space for each customer with our sincere service, best quality and reasonable price. 



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