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Trading  Introduction to Suzhou Guoxin Trading Group Co., Ltd.  

    Built in April, 2011, it is one of the three specialized sub-groups under Suzhou Guoxin Group, administering seven import and export companies, international tendering, customs clearance and international freight transportation companies. Its main business includes import and export business of commodities and technology by self-operating and agent, import and export business consultation, trade consultation service, general cargo transportation, freight agent, international shipping agency by land, sea, and air, customs formalities, customs declaration for clients and related consulting service, etc.

    During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the group insisted the development of import and export simultaneously, actively promoted transformation of trade growth pattern and innovation business pattern. It worked hard to launch strategic cooperative partnership, increasingly expand new market and new business both at home and abroad by flexible business mode, improving inner management, thus, the enterprise scale and profit-making capability was increasingly strengthened. In 2010, its import and export volume stood at $672 million with trade coverage reaching more than 90 countries and regions. Besides, it had set up the industrial base in Tanzania and Kenya in Africa and had branches in Hong Kong, Japan and America. International trade had already become one of the important pillars of Guoxin Group.

    During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the group is dedicated to moving forward innovation of international trade mode and structure transformation and further increasing business capability of specialized trade. It will actively foster new competitive advantages of enterprise with technology, brand name, quality and service as its core, so that it will complete the shift from products business to product service. It will improve the role of the enterprise in the industrial chain by realizing the transformation from “elements-depended mode” to “innovation-driven mode”, from “broker role” to “the organizer and manager of the value chain” so as to push ahead innovation of trade management mode and growth pattern transfer, improve value-added products of import and export, extend industrial chain of processing trade, seek high-end value chain, and transfer from quantity expansion to equal importance of both quantity and quality, so as to truly achieve specialized operation and industrialized development.

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