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    Suzhou Guoxin Group is one of the top 500 import and export enterprises of China. It is a model unit and credit unit of foreign trade enterprise with AAA-class designated by China foreign trade credit system. It is among top 100 modern service enterprises of Jiangsu province and top 10 modern service enterprises of Suzhou municipality, as well as top 10 import and export enterprises of Suzhou and Taicang city and top 10 scale service enterprises of Taicang service industry. The Group now consists of five departments and three specialized sub-groups, initially taking shape a comprehensive enterprise group with diversified and balanced development combining international trade, industry and real estate and financial investment.

    Adhering to the corporate spirit of “unity, pragmatism and inclusiveness” and carrying out the business concept of honesty, partnership, pioneering and win-win outcome”, Suzhou Guoxin Group is continuously promoting the group for new development, taking building “ century-old shop” as its goal, creating a new image of the group as setting up “Guoxin brand name” as its core and opening diversified new situation with making foreign trade industry stronger as its foundation. After many years of great efforts, the group has initially taken shape a comprehensive enterprise group of diversified and balanced development integrating international trade, industry and real estate and financial investment. Moreover, its core competitiveness, comprehensive strength and reputation have been strengthened remarkably. In particular, during the “Eleven Five-Year Plan “ period, the group had a total assets of 4 billion yuan and the total sales turnover amounted to 3.95 billion yuan. Its import and export business maintains sustainable development. In 2010, its import and export volume reached $ 672 million. Meanwhile, it witnessed the stable promotion of industry and real estate and initial establishment of brand name and image of "Guoxin Property" by enjoying advantages in strong developing drive force and mature investment in financial business and optimization of all kinds of resources. Thus, it will have broad prospect for future development. 
    Looking back, we have encouraged by the unprecedented achievements over the past years. Looking ahead, we see an exciting future for Guoxin group. In the “ Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Guoxin group will continue to develop industrial layout with all-round improvement of core competitive force as the goal and balanced development of international foreign trade, industry and real estate and financial investment. We are dedicated to building Guoxin into a best modern service enterprise in the region by offering good service to production enterprises and consumers as our start point and destination, taking talents training as the basis of development, building up brand name as breakthrough as well as cultural construction as guarantee. Guoxin group is ready to work together with the people of all walks of life to make our due contributions to social and economic development of our country.

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