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    The year from 2011 to 2015 is an important period for Guoxin group to seize the strategic window for development, improve integration development level and realize leap-frog development. it has especially invited the experts from Shanghai University of Foreign Economic and Trade, Shanghai Yiju Real Estate Institute and Beijing University of Science and Technology to spend five months to work out “ Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan of Suzhou Guoxin Group”, which will become guidance for future development of Guoxin.

    Guiding Principle; Take Deng Xiaoping Theory and important thought of Three Represents and Scientific Outlook on Development as our guide and in accordance with the spirit of “ Twelfth Five-Year Plan of the State and region”, Guoxin will actively build the industrial layout of international trade, industry and real estate and financial investment, trying to achieve balanced development that is complementary each other.

    Goal and Plan: A new breakthrough will be made in the following: Sales income should grow by over 20%, economic efficiency increase by over 25% and economic strength of net assets up by over 25% on average annual increase rate, respectively

    General Layout: During the“Twelfth Five-Plan “ period, the group will form industrial layout of complementary advantages and coordinated development in international trade, industry and real estate and financial investment.

     Establishment of Trade Group: The group will continue stable development of trade at home and abroad, export and expansion of domestic trade. It will make great efforts to promote innovation of trade mode and trade structure transformation, enhance operating capability of industrialization and specialization in trade business, so as to improve the role of the enterprise in the production chain, realizing the shift from product operation to industrial service, from quantity expansion to quantity and quality at the same time, from traditional broker role to organizer and manager of productive value chain”

    Establishment of Construction Group: The group will take full responsibility for operation and development of real estate, effectively manage development opportunity of real estate and urban development of Taicang, reasonably coordinate the shortterm and long-term development of real estate business, trying its best to create brand name of “Guoxin property”. It will intensify market operating mechanism, improve development driving force for innovation, continue opening property market of Taicang and push forward regional development at a proper time in order to become an excellent enterprise featuring with leap-frog development and sustained development.

    Establishment of Financial Investment Group: The group will be responsible for operating and development of financial business, actively build the platform of financial capital operation and equity investment, extensively conduct equity investment, financial institution and parafinancial institution as well as risk investment and start-up business investment of high-new tech enterprises, growth enterprise and the enterprise that is to be listed in the market. It will provide various financial service such as pawn, security, small amount loan, financing for trade. Besides, it will also provide other service including enterprise supply chain management, supply chain outsourcing service, financial outsourcing and back-desk service of finance. It will deal with financial product service covering bonds at home and abroad, stocks, fund and derivative financial tool ,etc. so that it will do its best to ensure to keep value and surplus value of the group assets.

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